Urban Analog is my current venture focused on web development and digital marketing.

I’ve worked in the tech sector for more than 2 Decades. I started as a contractor, moved to vendor and even spent time as FTE before branching out into start-up. As a contractor/vendor, My role was as a Sr UX Architect for web and mobile. My experience working for companies like T-Mobile, Amazon, Disney and Microsoft, helped to put my skills in demand and open new opportunities. 

Today, I find myself working with smaller businesses and start-up companies. I love being able to wear multiple hats when it comes to my daily SOP. I find smaller companies to be much more agile and require a lot more problem solving. This is what excites me about what I do. I am not the type of person who is content to sit and collect a paycheck, It is more important for me that I am engaged and making a difference. I take pride in coming up with solutions that aren’t “out-of-box” experiences. I also love to prototype and am constantly questioning my solutions to find a better way to design something. 

In 2007 I got a taste for start-up when I co-founded an athletic recruiting company that helped student athletes get collegiate scholarships. In 2014 I launched my first company with the help of some amazing people I met through my time in this industry. This year I turned to my network and, together, we are building a team that will help businesses with web design, marketing, SEO, and start-up ventures. 

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