My name is David and I am an entrepreneur, UX architect, designer, & overall creative individual. I enjoy the principles of elegant design and usability. From Amazon.com to T-Mobile, I've had the great honor of working on some amazing projects in our beautiful city of Seattle and beyond.

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UX Design Usability and my process.

Every great project has a great process. Usability is a skill I have refined over the last two decades with companies like Microsoft, Disney, T-Mobile, and more. I define usability as the study of how people engage various systems. From the dashboard of your vehicle to the shopping cart on your favorite website...Usability is all around us and is constantly evolving. The world is moving at a lightning pace and the best way to stay on top of the wave and ahead of the competition, is to listen to your users.

My approach.


Research and understand the business/user needs


Prioritize goals, create functional specs, understand business requirements.


Interaction design, information architecture, roles and process


Interface and navigation design - wireframing and annotations


Visual branding, contrast and uniformity, color and typography.


Working front end design with FED code handoff.

Client Studies

this is a small sampling from recent campaigns we have worked on. The bulk of our work is under NDA. Please feel free to reach out to us for a more in depth review of skill set and portfolio of work. More to come soon.

In the meantime - Feel free to review my portfolio on Behance.

GoodRoadNetwork client study

Start-up | Web Development

Client: GoodRoadNetwork.com | GRN.IM

Contact:David Wall| Seattle WA, Los Angeles CA

Timeline: 3 Year start-up project

Description: I used to play in a band and when it came time to go on tour, I realized that there was no one out there to help people plan and manage the tour building process. I started by creating a process on paper that worked so well that soon I was booking bands and working with booking agencies up and down the coast. I conceptualized the automation of the project and, through my connections, met with some people that were interested in funding the project launch. In 2015 - GRN became a company and launched our Beta into the market. Two months ago we were approached by someone who was interested in buying our project.

Orca Card Concept client study

Orca Card - (Concept)

Client:Conceptual design only

My sample concept: Upper Funnel Orca Concept(Large file - PDF)

Current Website: orcacard.com

Description: I conducted a review of the City of Seattle's Orca Card website. The initial page is not mobile friendly and I felt that was a big issue considering that we live in one of the largest tech hubs in America. My plan was to create a site that would be mobile friendly and allow someone to quickly and easily; buy a card, register a card, and/or add value to the card. While I was at it, I wanted to create the ability to find a vending machine, for quick value add, based on current location. I spent about a week cleaning up the overall site and conducting a UX review. I will post the whole case study here shortly.

Home Exteriors client study

Home Exteriors
Full web consultant and design

Client: Home-Exteriors

Contact:Gary Martinis | Northfield Center, Ohio

Timeline: 6 Month contract

Description: When Gary came to me, we sat down with him and developed a plan to engage his social network more heavily. We set him up with an instagram account and integrated his social networks with his website. He had two companies...Pride Roofing and Home Exteriors. Neither were working when we came in. We cleaned up his web site and made it mobile friendly. We crawled the site with google SEO tools and incorporated the changes. We got him to document his projects through instagram and include before and after pictures on his web and facebook account which we then integrated into his portfolio. Lastly, we had him set up a phone number that redirected to his work phone and used that as his primary contact on the web site so he could see direct results from people that called in from the website.

Result: After cleaning up the web site, incorporating the SEO changes, making it mobile friendly, and implementing our social engagement, he saw an increase of 83% over the previous quarter. His rankings were even better for pride roofing. His web site has generated referrals and his social hits have increased. We are still close with Gary and have worked on several other projects together.


The following is not a comprehensive list of my skills. It is merely an introduction.

For a full listing, Visit my linked-in profile.

UX Information Architecture: Nearly 2 decades of usability experience working with web apps and 5 years in mobile and native usability.

Web Design(Front end): I have been building website since Netscape Navigator was an industry leader and telnet was a dos prompt email program

Seach Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO has always been a part of my development strategy. While it is important to note I am not an SEO expert, I do believe that SEO requires a solid foundation to build from. I work with my clients to explain the value of keyword engagement and have acted as a consultant to clients looking to engage SEO agencies.When building new websites, we incorporate strong SEO rich content and code to specification to give you the headstart you need.

Social Media Management (SMM): The world of social media is continually evolving. Let us help you in developing a startegy that works for your company. I have a network of SMM that have proven track records of success. Don't take our word for it. Let us show you.

Consultant: Sometimes people don't need a big push... they just need help in creating a plan of action. I am happy to offer free consulting sessions to get you pointed in the right direction, regardless of whether or not you continue working with me. If you like my services and wish to hire me beyond the consultation, I am happy to help.

Accessibility: I recently conducted an accessibility audit of my last company and the changes we made also improved our SEO and usability.


David has gone beyond demonstrating to be an excellent and creative designer. He brings brillant thoughts and ideas to the table. David integrates well within the team and goes above and beyond to help the team succeed. David took an end to end user flow slide deck and turned it into a static UI to demo a protoype application. This greatly reduced the work load on the development team, as well as creating a rich and engaging presentation model for the PM team. The next time one of my projects call for UX Design, I will call Dave first.

- Dorthy Murray

I whole-heartedly recommend David for the incredible design work he creates. David is one of those very, very rare individuals that commands an innate sense of design, technical aptitude and a sense of character. Despite interviewing and meeting with hundreds of Designers, David is in a select group of the type of candidate every hiring perosn wants - extremely talented, technically able, sense of design and a good guy you could grab a beer with after work.

- Ryan Pirkle

Design & Illustration

I am working to add more design work here. for now, here are some illustrations I did.

In the meantime - Feel free to review my portfolio on Behance.

Freelance project

XBOX controller designed in Adobe Illustrator
WII controller designed in Adobe Illustrator

These samples were part of a project I did while teaching the web development class at Seattle Central college. I spent two years teaching Illustrator and Photoshop as part of the web design/development program. I loved teaching and continue to work with Seattle Central as well as serving on the Technical Advisory Committee


TireBuyer.com wheel Illustration
TireBuyer.com wheel Illustration

I was asked to do a series of educational illustrations for tirebuyer.com's online blog. I spent three years with TireBuyer as the SR Level UX architect and was a key stakeholder in the launch of tirebuyer.com re-brand and the conversion to the adaptive mobile website you see today. Some more samples are available on my portfolio on Behance.

Work History

Below is a list of some of the companies I have worked with over the last decade.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Disney Media Seattle
XBox 360
New Belgium Brewing
New Pig
filter studios
Fueled Creative
Seattle Central College
The Glow Network
MAQ Consulting


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