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My name is David and I am, what is commonly known as, a Sr UX Architect. I am focused on the principles of elegant design and usability and I have more than 20 years experience in web and front end design.


What is a Sr. UX Architect?

This is a question I am asked on the daily. I have always looked at my job as being the connecting fiber between the human user and (in this case) machine. I look at the ways an individual engages an object, task, or set of tasks, and then try to improve that relationship in a way that makes it more organic/natural.


So who is David?

I have always done well with computers. In Jr high I taught myself basic and built a video game over a summer that I would challenge my friends to. I studied graphic design in College and had a fairly successful run at it. I began getting into website pre IE in the days of Netscape and found that it worked well with my design gigs. During the early 2K crash...I used the oportunity to return to college and build on my web programming skills. I had just finished working as a creative director on the east coast and had returned to Seattle to live. I became interested in user studies during this time (what is now called UX). I built a portfolio to document my understanding and started taking a lot of freelance work. I ended up creating a Usability blog. One particular white paper I wrote on the term "UX" got me noticed by dozens of recruiters and I started getting job offers all over the country. I took a gig with Microsoft and soon I was in the labs blowing my mind with cutting edge technology


Now what's happening?

While my career started as a graphic designer in the early 90's, it evolved through many facets before landing in the usability field. I took detours through open source development and Front End Design [FED] (I believe they would refer to me as a full stack designer). I returned to college but this time I was a teacher. During the day I worked in the tech sector and in the evening I was teaching code, or usability at the Seattle Central college. It is this diversity in my background and my willingness to contract and not settle down, that allows me to excel at what I do. As I traverse through companies all over the country... I learn new tricks and trends. I never become so Miopic that it dulls my edges. My engagement in the school allows me to meet and engage with top tier talent. I am constantly impressed with the technologies that are unearthed every day.


I also work heavily with start-up and have been involved in several as a founder. My latest venture launched last April (2016). You can find it online at


today (summer 2016)

I enjoy working with companies that I feel can introduce me to new technologies and teach me things. I love to problem solve and I am not afraid to travel for a good opportunity.
I have been blessed with an amazing client list and have met some amazing people along the way.


My work in start-up and as an entrepreneur allows me to reach beyond the bounds of just coding and has managed to teach me a lot about leadership, planning, communication, and management.


I have also been blessed with a very busy schedule. while I may not always be available for a project, I am always happy to offer referrals of qualified applicants that I may have knowledge of. Check out my BeHance page for updated content.





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